Most Frequently Asked Questions about Vending Machine Technology

Starting a new business can get a bit scary, especially when the industry you are entering is rapidly evolving. And with the introduction of the latest vending machine technology in India the vending industry is going through a period of growth and disruption. This also means more opportunities for entrepreneurs and brands! And with that come questions.

Team Vendekin Technologies compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by new vending entrepreneurs and brands as they enter the vending machine industry. And these FAQs have been answered in detail by Vendekin’s marketing and product experts to ease the journey for anyone starting out in the vending industry. So, let’s dive right into these questions…

How much does a vending machine cost in India?

The costs of vending machines may vary depending on its size, type and the customisation done on it. The smallest machine may cost anywhere close to Rs. 1 lakh and may go up to Rs. 8-10 lakhs. Having worked with various vending machine suppliers in India, we have found that a vending machine made to sell delicate products like sweets and snacks can cost between Rs.2.5-3.5 lakhs, while combination machines that have a built in chiller for refrigeration can cost anywhere between Rs. 4-4.5 lakhs.

How often is restocking a vending machine required?

vending machine

Vending machines are stocked by vending machine operators. Refilling depends on the frequency of sales. And sales depend on the location where the machines are installed. It goes without saying that places with high footfall will see increased usage of the machines. When a new vending operator (NVO) or brand gets onboarded to Vendekin Technologies, they get more than just smart vending machines installed with the latest vending machine technology in India. The marketing team at Vendekin helps identify locations with better footfall. Moreover, with the help of our vending machine management software, vNetra, NVOs and brands in India can track and analyse sales from all their machines as per location and tweak their efforts accordingly.

How big can vending machines get?

Vending machines come in a great variety of shapes and sizes. The smallest machines powered by Vendekin are 3 x 3 feet in height and width, while the biggest Vendekin smart vending machine, a hot food vending machine has dimensions of 6.5 x 5 x 4 feet in height, depth and width respectively. To reiterate, the size of the vending machine purely depends on the product being sold.

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